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Live Like You Matter

Because it’s true and believing it changes everything.  

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Facing Death with Love

Have I told you about Mrs. Mary? My 97 year old neighbor who informed me she was a widow and an orphan with no children on the first day we met? She broke her hip, ended up having some complications during the repair surgery, ended up getting another surgery, and then...

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What Stories are You Telling Yourself?

“Don’t take it as metaphor for your life.” That’s what me and my sisters always say when something crappy happens and one of us reads too much into it! We started saying this because one time one of us sisters was going through a really REALLY difficult time, both...

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Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Today the light is dark. Clouds hover low, ready to burst into tears. I don’t feel the hope that sunny days bring; I just feel a little tired. I see the brown grass, the bare tree limbs, the winter’s muted colors. I am restless, groggy from an hour less of sleep...

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The truth of where you are does not define the truth of who you can become.

– Elisabeth Bojang