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Live Like You Matter

Because it’s true and believing it changes everything.  

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Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Today the light is dark. Clouds hover low, ready to burst into tears. I don’t feel the hope that sunny days bring; I just feel a little tired. I see the brown grass, the bare tree limbs, the winter’s muted colors. I am restless, groggy from an hour less of sleep...

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What to do with Guilt, Blame, and Shame

What should I do when I feel self-blame, guilt, and shame? My kids love stories about superheroes and “bad guys.” They love to tie fabric around their necks and fly around the living room in their “capes” chasing “bad guys” and putting them in “jail.” It’s fun to see...

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Growing up, Again

Remember the butterfly metamorphosis last summer? Gosh dangit I thought it was just a metaphor about my past. Here I am, squished and changing in the dark. I have no clue when I will emerge or what I will look like. All I know for sure is I’m at the point of no return...

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The truth of where you are does not define the truth of who you can become.

– Elisabeth Bojang