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#throwbackthursday to when I irresponsibly and spontaneously decided the day of to drive 2 hrs out of town by myself to see @sarahbessey speak!

I had zero chill and when I met her I told her multiple times I was a “superfan”… so I could see how she misunderstood me as she gently lowered her head to me and told me I was not a “superfreak” and gently encouraged me not to talk so negatively about myself! 😂

I attempted to explain I said super FAN, not super FREAK…and it just got awkward from there!

You can’t tell from our picture though, where we look like besties!

On second thought Sarah’s smile might look a TAD forced… hard to tell… HAHA! Either way she took time and signed my copies of her books and was gracious and quirky and amazing.

But here’s the thing- even though I didn’t say super freak it’s true I felt inferior to her. She is years ahead of many of my goals (writing, speaking, being a purposeful yet chill mom) so in comparison I AM way behind! Negative thoughts commence: I’m not as skilled as she is, she is a much better writer than me, she is such a comfortable and welcoming speaker, the way she words things is so much better that I don’t even need to try…
In the words of the modern oracle Bruno Mars:”Stop! Wait a minute!”

What if I have been given my own voice for the people who need to hear it the way I say it? Sarah’s voice speaks to me but that doesn’t mean I need to be her in order to have success in my dreams. The world doesn’t need a second Sarah- she’s already speaking loud and clear! (and thank God for it!)

Can I honestly share something I’ve never been audacious enough to say before but what I am learning during this season of my life? (This is turning into a chose-your-own-adventure blog, me asking questions and all).

If your answer is no then stop reading now. If yes, read on:

The world needs to hear my story through my voice.
I have to start speaking it loud and clear.
So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m learning comparing does NOTHING FOR ME because I won’t (can’t) find my value on any comparison continuum.
And neither will you!

YOU are who you are because:

1- your kind of different is delightful!

2- your kind of different is needed!

3- the world needs to hear your story through you being you!

Your “voice” might be art, or music, or organization, or baking, or coding, or decorating, or healing, or research, or cooking, dancing, or business, or anything you love for yourself and offer to the world. It isn’t limited to words, writing or speaking. That’s just what it looks like for me. Imagine how shallow the world would be with only a few creative expressions? Now imagine how amazing the world would be with everyone expressing their voice? Maybe a little like heaven on earth?

Sarah, when I run into you again you will meet a different person- similar, but growing more comfortable in her own skin. 😉 I’m so thankful for your voice and so grateful how you have shaped and inspired mine!

What is your story and what might be holding you back from sharing? What can you let go of in order to freely express your voice?
Join me in resisting the temptation to compare.
Join me in practicing using your voice.
Join me in living like we matter.


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PSS-If you consider yourself a Christian but struggle with some of the tenants of your faith I HIGHLY recommend checking out Sarah Bessy’s writing. 📖 Her books have helped me gently sift through what I thought I was supposed to believe to find the faith my heart could truly and fully embrace. She is coming out with a new one soon, I have no idea what it will be about and you can’t preorder it yet BUT I JUST KNOW IT WILL BE GOOD!!!
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