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One thing you may not know about me: I love books. Some would say I have a book problem, I call it a literary affinity. (Don’t you just love positive self-talk?) I currently am working my way through at least 5 books (I refuse to believe this is anything but normal) and I’ve also been participating on book launch teams for the past couple years! I’ve confined my online book presence to social media in the past but I just now am expanding the reviews to my blog! This post won’t contain a full review but is more of a recommendation.

Here’s a brand new book, the next one to preorder #AFAYC (as fast as you can. Let’s make it a thing!). Not only does Sarah Bessey design her book in my favorite color, she wrote what is now one of my favorite books. It comes out tomorrow (Tuesday, October 8th) and I can’t emphasize it enough: GO GET “Miracles and Other Reasonable Things.”

Sarah Bessey’s story of unlearning and relearning God resonates deeply with me. I grew up thinking I had God pinned down.
As I grew older I would meet someone or have an experience that would challenge my thinking, slowly but surely revealing the box I so neatly packaged God in was really a box for my own self.
Like Sarah, I am tempted to scorn that box, leave it and anyone else in it behind and forge ahead…only to realize I’m constructing a different, only slightly bigger box for God.

This book is a beautiful story of a tragic accident resulting in chronic pain and chronic hope.
It’s about how God can’t be contained but still voluntarily enters the boxes we construct to be with us.

It’s about how God is in the healing, joy, and light, but also in the pain, sorrow, and darkness.

If you are looking for hope but not denial, this book is for you.
If you are searching for God but church triggers you, this book is for you.
If you have that nagging suspicion your box might be too small, this book is for you.

I am deeply grateful for Sarah Bessey’s writing, for sharing her story, for making a place for those of us who resonate with this story. I think you will appreciate it too.

Available wherever books are sold, even online at, and if your local library doesn’t have it be sure to put in a request and they can get it for you!