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Live Like You Matter

Because it’s true and believing it changes everything.  

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Aggressive Peace After Sexual Assault

Today I planned to work on writing my book. I was updating something in Instagram and came upon this post and I couldn't get past it: “Every time I’m annoyed, angered, frustrated, and confused by the proceedings it’s evidence that I am a peacemaker- so I will act like...

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Sarah Bessey’s Super Freak Fan

#throwbackthursday to when I irresponsibly and spontaneously decided the day of to drive 2 hrs out of town by myself to see @sarahbessey speak! I had zero chill and when I met her I told her multiple times I was a "superfan"... so I could see how she misunderstood me...

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The Alchemy of Metamorphosis

My daughter has been begging me for a pet, so of course I took the easy route when she found some monarch butterfly caterpillars and asked if they could be her pet. Sure! Why not? It's an easy yes. Free- Check. Clean- Check. Doesn't bite- Check. Welcome, bug pets, to...

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The truth of where you are does not define the truth of who you can become.

– Elisabeth Bojang